Welcome to the world of Aritelia!

Explore a new world...

Near the center of our galaxy there is a planet called Aritelia. In this planet you can find a vast archipelago of islands scattered on a peaceful ocean.

In a distant past people inhabited this archipelago. Everyone lived happily in their own island home.

But for some reason they were forced to abandon the planet...

Now, one after the other, they return in search of their home island, in wonder, in insparation.

And they slowly start to remember...

...what they left behind...

... and what truly IS.


What is Aritelia?

Depending on what you choose to do in Aritelia, it can be many things!

Aritelia is a procedurally generated persistent online world where you can:

  • Explore trillions of islands. Be the first to walk on an island. Take beautiful pictures. Peacefully meditate. Dream... find Sacred Places.
  • Build! Each island is a sandbox, design your very own dream home, grow your ideal garden.
  • Invite your friends to your island, meet new people, build and play games together. Have fun! Humanity may be blessed, One.

How can I play?

Aritelia is in active development by Pirron 1. We are a small, yet determined, studio with the goal of creating an immersive social MMO (massive multiplayer online game), accessible in the browser. We have been developing the required tools to bring AAA graphics quality and content to web based games for many years.

Release of version 1.0 is planned for 2022. Aritelia will be a free to play game, and you will be able to access it from any supported device directly from your web browser, no installation required.

In the meantime, we plan to leverage the easeness of deployment HTML5 games provide and open many of our alpha releases to the public. Our goal is to gather valuable feedback from the community as we release gameplay systems.

For the moment you can visit Aritelia in early access to get in touch with our creative process. Not many actions have been realized yet, but you can still enjoy the world and have some peaceful time. The game is suitable for all the ages, there is no gore or violence.

You can follow our development progress on Twitter.

Peaceful regards!


Public Releases


Trillions of unique islands waiting to be discovered.


Invite your friends to walk, build and play with you on your island. Travel the archipelago together.


Build elaborate structures, plant your garden, or grow a massive forest.


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